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Teachers Resource Kit

Cook Islands Teachers Resource Kit

In our efforts to promote Disaster Risk/Climate Change Awareness, the Emergency Management Cook Islands (EMCI) has worked closely with South Pacific Commission (SPC) and Climate Change Cook Islands (CCCI) to develop a repository of learning material. The Teachers Resource Kit is a mass supply of disaster/climate change media and information for our Cook Islands Education System  to support the delivery of the Natural Science Curriculum. Inclusive within this Kit are:

Teachers Lesson Plans: appropriate for students of Year 1 – 3, Year 4 – 8, Year 9 – 13

Multimedia media resources: National Documents, Climate Change, Volcano, Earthquakes and Tsunami’s, Tropical Cyclone, Flood & Drought

Subject Links:  Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Fine Arts

…and much more.

The links below are pdf previews:

Year 1- 3 Year 4-8 Year 9-13

Get a Copy

The resource kit is 43.7 Gigabytes in size, too large for users to download.

To get a copy of the resource, contact EMCI on:

  • Phone: (_682) 29609,
  • Email: