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Cyclone Alert System

STAGE 1: BLUE ALERT – (48 hours)

Meaning: The community should commence taking PRECAUTIONS.

  • A reminder that we are in our cyclone season.
  • Prepare your home safety kit – eg. food, clothing, torch, etc.
  • Prepare and replenish your first aid kit.
  • Tie down your roofing and secure loose debris.
  • Know your allocated safety centre.
  • Trim or cut down tree branches that could be blown around.
  • Boat owners should tow their boats to safety ground;
  • Install Shutters on Business Government Buildings;
  • Keep up to date with the development of the Cyclone through radio, telelvision and/or Internet.

STAGE 2: YELLOW ALERT – (36 hours)

Meaning: The community should be completing their ACTIONS in readiness for the cyclones arrival.

  • Destructive winds posing severe damages.
  • Safety Centres opened and manned by selected personnel;
  • All Emergency personnel to check with your office for your respective tasks and activities.

o   Close the School

  • Close Government Ministries, Airports, Ports.
  • Close businesses in the private sector.

STAGE 3: RED ALERT – (24 hours)

Meaning The cyclone will be upon us very soon.

  • The Public is advised to stay indoor
  • Go immediately to the strongest part of your house or to the nearest Safety Center;
  • Disconnect electrical appliances and turn off gas.
  • Know the Emergency contact numbers and report any incidents;
  • Stay indoors until the cyclone “ALL CLEAR” message is heard on radio, television and/or internet.


Meaning: The wind and storm surge danger from the cyclone has passed.

  • Continue to listen to radio/television for public information announcements;
  • Check to see if neighbours are all right;
  • Report any injuries and dangerous situations to NEOC
  • Commence clean up on immediate area.