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EMCI is responsible for emergency management and disaster response in the Cook Islands

EMCI vision is as follows:

“A Safe, Resilient and Sustainable Cook Islands.”

Emergency Management Cook Islands (EMCI) is a division of the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for disaster management in the Cook Islands. The division is headed by Director Mr Charles Carlson. 

EMCI’s Strategic Roadmap supports the vision and national development goals and strategies of the National Sustainable Development Agenda (NSDA 2020+) and the Cook Islands Joint Implementation Plan for Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management (JNAP II) (2016 – 2020).


The key high-level goals identified by consultations with stakeholders are:
Shared responsibility and an “all-risks – all-hazards – whole-of-nation” approach
to emergency management.
  • Common Incident Management Systems across all agencies
  • Acceptance, Trust and transparency across all EM agencies
  • Resilient and safe communities
Stakeholders were also very keen to highlight that the focus of this SREM should
concentrate on the potential for any slow or rapid onset hazard to affect the nation
rather than larger more catastrophic well-known disaster events such as earthquakes,
tsunami etc.

Key strategies

Based upon the identified goals, principles and the approach described above – the
following high-level strategies are the focus of this roadmap.
  • Integrated and interoperable emergency management agencies and responders.
  • Streamlined governance and structure
  • Increased capability
  • Stronger engagement