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Emergency Response

Year 2018 and 2019 New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management Donor Funding

  1. Project 1 Siren Installation and Maintenance of 12x Sirens on Rarotonga
  2. Project 2 Pre Cyclone Meeting Training
  3. Project 3 – ArcGIS Pro Training
  4. Project 4 – Safety Shelter Managers Meeting Training
  5. Project 5 – Radio Communication Workshop
  6. Project 6 – Damage Assessment Process (Initial Damage Assessment)
  7. Project 7 – Emergency Operating Centre Training
  8. Project 8 – Installation of Tsunami Signs for Rarotonga
  9. Project 9-Logistics Cluster Training
  10. Project 10-Emergency Exercise Writing Skills Training
  11. Project 11-EMCI EOC Fit Out

Year 2020 New Zealand Emergency Management Donor Funding

  1. Project 1-Documentary program for Cyclone Awareness on CITV, Vaka TV, Radio Cook Islands, Radio FM, Radio Matariki Islands
  2. Project 2-Documentary program on Women Leadership in Disaster Risk Reduction, Documentary program on EMCI Staff Profile
  3. Project 3-Production of digital copies of the Puna and Pa Enua DRM Plans for awareness programmes and to be posted on EMCI Geo-Portal
  4. Project 3-Development of Emergency Management System VEOC1 Trainings
  5. Project 4-Emergency Operational Centre Trainings
  6. Project 5-First Aid Trainings

Year 2020 New Zealand Emergency Management Donor Funding

  1. Project 1-Current Documentary Awareness program
  2. Project 2-DRM Teachers Resource Kit-Developing Teachers Resource Kit into a Curriculum for schools
  3. Project 3-Annual International Tsunami Day – 4th November
  4. Project 4-